the deep forest.

Ungle-Wold's Beach


Ungle-Wold's Beach is a one page dungeon created for my Beara campaign, a vaguely OSR inspired campaign set in an endless forest on the edge of the world.

Things that worked

The fungus description, player ate the fungus because it was described and they were in a bad situation, when they came to the next room with the pale man and saw the fungus wrapped around his legs everyone was like "oh yes, obviously that's a bad thing, shouldn't have eaten it." - i took it and went with it, fungus was just a suggestive detail in the version used, now it is something more malignant.

The study is essentially a side passage, no real reason to go there if they don't pick that randomly ahead of the dining room passage. Maybe this isn't an issue and it's fine that some places are just offshoots. Adds to the interesting grain of the dungeon.

Things that didn't work

Players didn't take the bait of touching the food that triggers the pale man to wake and attack them. They already were wary from the corpses in the beach and so steered WAY clear of this. This is also a thing that worked if you look at it that way though.

When they did eventually attack him, they skipped everything and just all piled into him at once like they do with undead generally, getting first round huge amounts of damage dealt and essentially writing him off as a threat.

More info needed on Ungle-Wold - players saw him as a bad man essentially, trussed him up, burgled his house. Need another bit of info on RP and his tie to the undead maybe.

I put together the dungeon in an evening during the week using a map from watabou's excellent dungeon generator. An hour of ideas and then a quick layout in Affinity Publisher and I had a one session dungeon for that weekend.