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spawsh - A Gemini client

spawsh showing the homepage

spawsh is a gemini client I put together yesterday. I have never really done much with network stuff, and I've been seeing a lot of stuff about gemini around the blogs and mailing lists I read. I was doing a bit of working with piaine again on the plane and since getting back, but wanted to do something more exploratory, and this seemed a good option.

The spec is hosted at circumlunar and it's simple. Very simple. Simple enough that, with a lot of help from the .net network libraries, I put together a basic client in an hour.

spawsh repo on I am also mirroring it on github. Right now it is more of a utility like curl or wget than a browser. spawsh fetches the resource and displays it in the console. The gemini specification says links can only be displayed one per line, so the links are easily parseable from reading the page. The program isn't interactive, a client not a browser, so any linked pages will need to be fetched through a new call.

spawsh showing the hackernews gemini mirror

Displaying the pages is just basic console write-lineing currently. The markdown for headers etc. is not parsed and displayed in another way. I am going to look into this and possible have header lines just be set in all-caps, but this is modifying the text of the document, which seems like bad practice. I don't particularly want to pull in an external library for prettifying the output, so I'm going to look into a few options, and see what I can do that's no destructive of things being created. Maybe it's just the headers are printed in a different colour.